Whether or not to move parents to assisted living?

When elderly parents have an illness or a serious fall, you may find that you will have to temporarily leave your current situation to take care of them. Seniors that live independently but have health issues are walking on a perilous tightrope. It’s a fragile situation that can change in a blink of an eye. You may find that they cannot manage on their own anymore.

Making the decision to go into an assisted care facility is never an easy one. If your parents are like most, they don’t even want to discuss the topic. However, sometimes a sudden crisis or accident can catapult this topic into the forefront. What can make things a little easier for the caregiver are services that help find the appropriate assisted living centers. There are assisted living referral agencies that have trained professionals that can link you to the facility that best suits your parents’ needs. These agencies are free for your use and are paid by the assisted living facilities when your parents sign up with them.

Once the decision to move to an assisted care apartment is made, the next task is to figure out what needs to be transferred from the home to the new apartment. In many cases, this requires a large downsizing. If you or the parents can afford it, it pays to hire professional packers. They can come in and help pick out the furniture, clothing, dishes and other items that your parents will need. They also will measure the new apartment and let you know if there will be space for everything. Once they finish, they can put you in touch with movers that will transport everything to the new place. The packers will then unpack all items in the new apartment. They will hang clothes in the closets and put cooking utensils in the drawers. They will even make up the beds so that your parents will not have to do anything except move in. It’s a great service, and it certainly alleviates a lot of headaches for the caregiver.

After the initial items are removed from the house, estate sellers can come in and price what is left. They use their contacts to bring in preferred clients before the main sale, so that their customers have first selection on everything. Estate seller commissions can be 40% and up. The great thing is that they will remove everything that does not sell and donate it to charity. The final step is to work with a real estate agent, who has knowledge of the neighborhood and can sell the home.

For a caregiver who has no time except to deal with health issues of the parents 24/7, these services are invaluable. If the situation warrants you moving your parents into an assisted care facility right away and they can afford it, moves like this can take place within a few days, and the house can be on the market in a month or less. You can return home knowing that your mom and dad are in a safer environment, where they will get the care and assistance that they need.

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